About Us

Who We Are

ZETA PHARMA® was established in 2010 to represent an added value in the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt through:

  • Establishing one of the best manufacturing facilities in the Middle East referenced by the international standards (GMP).
  • Building a well selected and unique product portfolio in the main therapeutic areas, which ensure that community has the most efficient and up-to-date treatment that directly contributes to improving health care and quality of their life.

Beginning in 2015, ZETA PHARMA® actively contribute to treating Hepatitis C virus in Egypt through its products: Sofocivir ™, Zetaciver™, Sofocivir plus™

Vision, Mission and Values


We strive to be one of the most community trusted pharma partners who care about people’s quality of life in Middle East –Africa region.


We are committed to provide our communities across the Middle East-Africa region with affordable, high-quality pharmaceutical integrated solutions. Our state-of-the-art production facility designed to comply with GMP and WHO standards. ZETA PHARMA® also invests in human capital through attracting, cultivating and retaining excellent talents with passionate commitment to ZETA PHARMA’S work ethic and strong core values. Integrating the most cutting-edge science with the best human caliber in the market allows us to serve as a reliable partner in the healthcare system.

Core Values

Integrity, Customer-centricity,Passion, Commitment, Quality, Agility.