Vonseca Launch Event

Specialities: All Specialities, IM, ENT

Event Details:

pro. Ayman yousry

pro. Tarek Yousef

Pro.Ali Farag


company video
Dr. Mohsen Hasan
Vonseca Launch Video
Dr. Amr Khalifa
First Session
Dr. Yaser Mahrous (Moderator)
Dr. Hossam Ghonaim (Abdeen Palace Intro)
Dr. Hossam Ghonaim (Vonoprazan
“The science in the coulisse”)
Second session
Dr. Osama Abo Elfotouh (Moderator)
Dr. Ayman Yousry (REFRACTORY GERD :
Where does vonoprazan fit in ?)
third Session
Dr. hussein elamin ( Moderator)
Dr. Tarek Yousef (P.CABs and H. Pylori "Is It New Weapon For Eradication?")
fourth Session
Dr. Amr Khalifa
Dr. Ali Farag "Panel discussion"
Pro.Yasser Mahros , Pro. Osama Abo Elfotouh , Pro.Hussien Elamin , Pro. Sherif Megawer , Pro. Khaled Hemida