2022 launched Products

1-Nexirozova Launch:

Jan – 2022, Zeta Pharma launched Nexirozova; a new generic of the anti-dyslipidemic molecule Rosuvastatin 5,10,20mg, to the Egyptian market.

Nexibronch Launch:

2/22/2022, The first premium nutritional supplement from Zeta Pharma, Nexibrunch is a natural syrup, The first product in the Egyptian drug market to treat cough and support the respiratory system from natural herbs… Alcohol-free… Size 200 ml, at price 32 L.E

Dozova Melatonin Launch:

Feb-22 As per Zeta Pharma’s pioneering role in covering the Egyptians’ needs for distinct nutritional supplements, Zeta Pharma has the honor to present the first Egyptian product containing melatonin 5 mg, Dosova Melatonin 5 mg, Helps regulate sleep 60 capsules at price 160 L.E

Vonseca Launch: 

June 22 In historical place in Abdin Palace in Cairo, ZETA PHAR proudly with 500 Professors and Doctors, launched Vonoprazan-VONSECA (a potassium-competitive acid blocker) to treat:GERD, Peptic Ulcer, H.Pylori.

Dozova Nad+ Launch: