EBRD Agreement 2020

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing consultancy studies to Zeta Pharma factory in Egypt to qualify for European GMP accreditation This qualification will enable Zeta Pharma to export its Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Products to the EU, Middle East, and Africa.-The project is funded by the EU- Neighborhood Investment Facility via the program“EGP EU NIF South SEMED”. Under this project, all consultancy studies will focus on the main areas, including quality assurance, information technology, utility validation, and CTD files preparation for registration in Europe that will facilitate access strategies of Zeta Pharma to Europe.-The project team will work with Zeta Pharma till 27th January 2022. The consultant will be the main link with the enterprise, working closely with the CEO and the senior management. Under this project, the senior management of the fast-emerging individual enterprise Zeta will be assisted by these experts to lay the foundations for future growth prospects.