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Life Without Hepatitis C

Life Without Hepatitis C

Our main mission is a life without Hepatitis C, targeting to eradicate the disease from the Middle East and Africa regions, where our special screening program has proved efficient for more than 50,000 patients. We embrace a full-cycle support service where we walk with our patients throughout their entire treatment journey, achieving a successful...
The ideal cost effective healthcare solutions

The ideal cost effective healthcare solutions

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We are a part of a big community, and we recognize that our true strength and sustainability come from the people’s wellbeing. We are always trying to be as considerate and responsive as possible to our external environment and we make every effort to extend access to medicine for people everywhere and work for the greater good of our society.

Pipeline Research

ZETA PHARMA® was established in 2010 to represent an added value in the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt through:
Establishing one of the best manufacturing facilities in the Middle East referenced by the international standards (GMP).
Building a well selected and unique product portfolio in the main therapeutic areas, which ensure that community has the most efficient and up-to-date treatment that directly contributes to improving health care and quality of their life.

Beginning in 2015, ZETA PHARMA® actively contribute to treating Hepatitis C virus in Egypt through its products:
Sofocivir ™, Zetaciver™, Sofocivir plus™

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